Getting Started


August 30, 2006 – After 28 months of male hormones, I still had a full head of hair

Who am I?

I’m a 68 year old transsexual male with a family medical history that includes rampant diabetes and heart disease from my father’s side and Alzheimer’s from my mother’s – plus real, freaking, mental illness from both sides. The one hold out for good health was my maternal grandfather, who lived to see 93 and died from incorrectly treated H.pylori.

What else? Oh yeah. I am the biological mother of two daughters and have two step-sons by marriage. Retired now, I was a software engineer lucky enough to get into personal computer software design at the inception of the PC explosion.

Why this?

When I first decided to transition at the age of 59, I knew I would be possibly trading an approximate 3 year or 13% life expectancy advantage for the opportunity to realize my lifelong dream of becoming more physically male. I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to mitigate the potential life-shortening consequences of putting male hormones into my body, by whatever lifestyle modifications were appropriate. Little did I know that medical science was not exactly the beacon of light it’s cracked up to be and that discovering exactly what those modifications should be would be the most difficult and intellectually demanding undertaking of my life.

So, I start this blog mostly for myself, to keep track of what I’ve learned. Probably no one but myself will ever see it or even care what I write. Nevertheless, I’ve made it public, both in case it might be helpful to others or that others can show me information I’ve missed or haven’t interpreted properly. I have no other agenda; I have nothing to sell.

Education and Training

In college, I studied math, chemistry and computer science while I supported myself grading freshman physics exams for the physics department at the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology. For graduate school, I went to UC Berkeley in biophysical chemistry. In addition, along the way I wanted explore a little medicine and got a two-year nursing license. When I completed nursing school, my pharmacology professor confided to me that in that class and in my physiology class, I had received the highest exam and homework point total in the history of the school. This I am grateful for, in that it provided enough understanding of the jargon that I could read the medical journals with a little extra effort and help from our wiki-friends.

About Dan Hunter

Retired software engineer wading through the obfuscation, confusion and contradiction that corporate and political funding of medical research along with ego over science has created.
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4 Responses to Getting Started

  1. Camaro, sorry web its highly risky says:

    I just browsed and registered into your site.
    Just like in carbsane i cant find meaning into the site.
    What is the central idea?
    What it is finding in nutrition thats good and wrong.
    What can i learn from it. I cant make sense.
    I couldnt discern what you were saying in the WELCOME page.
    There is no summary of what is you are pro.
    What is healthier? What are you finding.

    I cant find the meaning on the articles. And its not the technicalities.
    Its The no clear conclusion about the findings. It sems like its implied. But its not obvious.
    What are the current best findings in nutrition to be heathy and not sick with what you find?

    Is it only to state facts and findings but not get anywhere. No guidelines, no conclusions.

    Sorry to be so harsh. But have been in these sites for 2 Days and still nothing.

    Currently go to mercola, greer, benkim and many, mamy others.

    Im 59, male straight, slender w belly. Left alcolism. Into health and nutrition.
    Into bodybuilding. Healthier than before.
    Would like to reach 90s like im now or better. More muscular. Less fat. Less sick.
    Currently osteoarthritis, detached retina, migrains have come back.
    Live in the carribean at the beach.
    Computer progm.
    Almost all family sick because of food and sickcare.
    Father died from diabetes, BP, renal, heart., sickcare.
    Mother 84 losing memory fast.
    Lupus sister, highly overweight. All time sick. Losing mind.
    Heart disease brother. Autistic son of brother.
    A mess. Medics as sick as anybody else. They have no idea how to be healthy.
    Most of my friends geting sick with food. Some Dying.

    Sorry for the spelling. Im on the ipad and its very bad correcting. Almost non-existent. Very bad for typing. I dont like it.
    My android phone its much better by a lot. And office its in between.

  2. camaro says:

    sorry for the coments and thanks for answer.
    did find out that if i follow the storyline starting with diet experiment part 1 it all makes sense
    and i discovered your blog is one of the best in nutrition.
    applying all your ideas and hipotesis with lab results is not common.
    plus your nowledge of nutrition debates puts you ahead.
    currently about 7-8 chapters ahead.

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