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Thyroid Labs Update – Well Thyroid / Sick Thyroid?

To rule out the possibility of human error, my thyroid function was retested a few days ago, with a test for antibodies added to rule out or confirm autoimmune thyroid disease. Here’s the result: Advertisements

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Holy Shiitake! Look at these lab values!

The lab released these last night. Looks like the wild and crazy ride my cholesterol numbers have been on for the last year might be explained by …

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The Cholesterol Wars, 2: Plant Positive – “Vegan Propaganda”

Just as nutritional controversy cannot be discussed without getting into the Cholesterol Wars, so can the Cholesterol Wars not be discussed without confronting The Lipid Hypothesis (LH). Plant Positive provides a great entry point for jumping into the fray. He’s a … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Wars, 1: Intro

Before I can continue telling the Bill Lands story (see Who Is Bill Lands and Why Would Anyone Care?, 1: Intro), I think I have to digress into cholesterol and politics. In case it’s escaped your notice, there’s a huge war raging … Continue reading

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Who Is Bill Lands and Why Would Anyone Care?, 1: Intro

OK, now that I’ve presented a little of my personal background, I can get on to the “meat” of this blog. I have to start with Bill Lands. I consider him to be one of  the (if not THE) most important figures … Continue reading

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WTF? How Do You Explain These Lab Values?

Isn’t reality fascinating — often so different from our expectations! My lab values are back and they are actually a bit mind boggling! My just ended diet experiment: Total fat:                  – decrease … Continue reading

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My Diet Experiment History, Part II

OK, finally (!!) continuing the diet history story … After abandoning veganism and red yeast rice (an over-the-counter statin), my (calculated) LDL cholesterol (LDLc) fluctuated from 92 to 128, mostly reflecting how often I ate out. Then, after 2 years, in … Continue reading

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