The Cholesterol Wars, 3.00: Review of “The Futility of Cholesterol Denialism, Part 1” by Plant Positive

This is an introduction to my second discussion of a Plant Positive (PP) video. The subject material presented is huge. In order to discuss this without being superficial, I’ve broken my comments up into a number of posts, each mostly based on a particular slide or group of slides. This post is intended to serve as an index of what I’ve written on it so far and an overview.

The Index – Topic/Post List:

  1. The Video Data, Indexed – The text of the PP video, indexed by slide and time counter.
  2. “I Am But An Egg” – Musings and ramblings; my personal reaction to the video.
  3. Surgical Intervention and LDL: Review of Slide 33
  4. The Bill Lands’ Hypothesis
  5. … ( more to follow as I get to them )

Context, Methodology and Slide Selection Order

PP publishes anonymous videos (141 so far) on YouTube and in his blog. His videos do not represent an objective view, nor do they pretend to. In the big picture, PP is trying to make the case that a plant-based diet is the superior choice for good health.

As I discuss the individual slides, my analysis will focus on:

  • accuracy – has PP represented the source material fairly?
  • conclusion – was his conclusion warranted by the data?
  • balance – what does the “other side” have to say about this?
  • alternatives – could other conclusions be drawn from the same data?

 I think it’s been established beyond a doubt that the Standard American Diet (SAD) or Western Diet (WD) (which has been exported to the rest of the world) is making us sick and slowly killing us. But is this because we don’t follow a plant-based diet or could it be something else?

This video is part of a 6 part set making the very strong assertion that “Cholesterol Denialism” (CD) is futile. So I’m going to look for the nail or accumulated nails that will forever seal the coffin lid on CD. I have no idea if that conclusion can be reached; however, I’m trying to select PPs strongest points in order to get there most quickly.

My Personal Opinion

At this point, my “feeling” (for whatever that is worth) is that there is more than sufficient evidence to conclude with high probability that LDL lowering is associated with better outcomes for people partaking in the SAD/WD. In my opinion that’s been established, even though technically speaking, absolute proof is impossible.

My personal approach to this aspect of diet is what I believe is the prudent choice: try to keep LDL cholesterol (LDLc) down while avoiding all the other junk / Frankenfood in the SAD that might be equally strong contenders in the competition for who’s the biggest diet villian.

Do I think it’s been proven that high LDLc is a significant causative factor in bad heart disease outcomes? … No, at least, not yet. And, so, I continue to read journal articles as I try to uncover why Daniel Steinberg, MD, has become convinced of this. And, I will publish the trail of what I look at, in case this journey might be helpful to anyone else.

DISCLOSURE: My personal belief is that cholesterol is NOT the cause of bad outcomes, but we shall see what can be found.

This section too will be updated as/if my mind becomes changed.


About Dan Hunter

Retired software engineer wading through the obfuscation, confusion and contradiction that corporate and political funding of medical research along with ego over science has created.
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