Plant Positive re Plagiarism vs Copyright Infringement?

UPDATE: Plant Positive has removed his accusations of me from his YouTube page. Since  I no longer feel the need to defend myself, that content has been removed.

I’m still a huge, huge fan of the Plant Positive videos. I still think Plant Positive is an intellectual giant, exceedingly well-versed in the subject material. I still don’t know how my analysis of his videos will turn out.

Will I become a vegan? Or will I continue with my omnivorous ways? Stay tuned to see where this all leads me. 🙂

About Dan Hunter

Retired software engineer wading through the obfuscation, confusion and contradiction that corporate and political funding of medical research along with ego over science has created.
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4 Responses to Plant Positive re Plagiarism vs Copyright Infringement?

  1. Art says:

    Hey Dan, I am 62. Five feet eight inches and around 135 lbs. I feel great though I have an inguinal hernia. I was a restaurant boy at age 11 to 20. I ate the whole spectrum of foods available. In 1983, I started investigating macrobiotics with Michio and Aveline Kushi. She died of cancer eventually. He smoked natural tobacco handmade cigarettes and told his students that smoking is good only if you use natural tobacco. I smoked cigars. Well eventually I was nearly killed by eating grains. Organic brown rice, quinoa, millet and much more. My skin was a split up puss filled bleeding wreck. They all told me I was detoxifying. I suffered with this until one day I thought that this was a grain and starch allergy. I found this hypothesis I had to be true for myself as well as many other people. All the stupid vegan doctors push grains and starch on people while the people are suffering as much as I was. These doctors block out and remove the complaints off their website? The sufferers never get to see that they are not alone. They are simply left feeling that something is horribly wrong with them and then they die. Nuts, seeds and beans constipate me. Heavy greens constipate me. Milk used to constipate me. Soaked and raw does not make one bit difference. Though we are all different, we should have some thoughts in common. Eat, digest and assimilate and finally eliminate all the waste. Eating too much once in a great while should not be a problem.

    The China Study and the book Whole was written by T Colin Campbell. There are many disconnects in his studies. He is respected by some. He is inaccurate in his educated assumptions regarding what he feels that all people need to eat as humans. Plants, of course. I stood next to him at then Hallelujah Acres when he said to the Christian Health Ministers that he felt salmon was necessary. They all felt sick and separated. It was a very important day for me.

    Take a look I at the lives and life spans of the natural hygiene teachers, raw teachers, fruitarians, fasting pushers, body builders and the condition they were and are in. Remember the juice man? Very sad story. Many of these men and women were in terrible condition. Bad physique. Bad teeth. Weak backs. Sore joints and so much more.

    Moral of my story: Since I was 20, I pursued a life of religion and health. I went to every extreme possible. I suffered needlessly. There is a middle road. The gurus of health and religion do tell and live lies. They show the people only what they want people to see. I could have continued in a life of self-deception and fooling others. I will not do that. Carrying on a plant only conversation with the world is a futile effort. We must each do what is best for us. What if there was no health insurance? I have none. I moderate what I eat. I pay close attention to how the food affects me each meal. I do not eat the same food every day. I mix it up. Gullibility is the supreme human enemy. Take care. Art

    • Dan Hunter says:

      Hi Art, Thanks for sharing your story. I haven’t kept this journal current. After my last post in this blog, I continued to pursue a mostly plant-based diet as I tried to slowly increase the insulin output of my beta cells by gradually challenging them to cover a bit more glucose. It didn’t work. I hit a hard limit, beyond which the only thing that would drop my after meal blood glucose was exercise; my pancreas just couldn’t keep up.

      In mid 2016, I found the group and got connected with the latest info on what’s the best diet for apoe4 carriers. Research has uncovered that apoe4 carriers develop a “cerebral glucose hypometabolism” relatively early in life which predisposes to Alzheiner’s Disease. It basically means a chronic energetic shortfall develops in the brain and cleanup processes get shortchanged. This can be ameliorated somewhat by the ketones produced by a very high fat, very low carb diet. Which works rather well for me, since I have little ability to produce/signal insulin.

      Maybe vegan works for some people, but certainly not for me (and sounds like not for you either). Very low carb and vegan are not easily compatible.

  2. Art says:

    Thank you for your response Dan. I will now go to Take care. Please feel free to share any new updates with me.

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