My Current Diet Experiment – Surprising Weight Loss Continues!

— Good Carbs, Bad Carbs?

My latest diet experiment was started in response to the lab tests  that concluded my previous diet experiment because despite a significant reduction in sat fat, my LDLc number didn’t really budge (actually, it went up a tad). I thought I would try sacrificing satiety in favor of more carbs, less fat and, hopefully drop those damn LDLc numbers. (See also my prev post on this experiment.)

So, what I’m eating now is about

    • 40% of calories as beans and veggies
    • 40% of calories from ultra high oleic acid fats

Life is fun ‘cuz it’s full of surprises! What actually happened is, contrary to what Gary Taubes would have me believe, adding more carbs did NOT:

    • make me hungrier
    • jack up my insulin
    • jack up my glucose
    • make me gain weight

Here’s my weight log, graphed:

Weight log as of Feb 10, 2013

Weight log as of Feb 10, 2013

The red triangles marked weight from my previous experiment where I was maintaining on 1530 cal/day, P/F/C = 21 /  47 / 32. The blue squares (Jan 15 – Feb 10) is the new experiment where I’m UNINTENTIONALLY losing weight on 1400 cal/day, P/F/C = 22 /  39 / 39.

So, I say it was unintentional, because I wasn’t trying to lose weight; I was just eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was not. Same as I was during the maintenance period prior to that.

What’s the Magic Element?

I think it’s beans! When I planned this experiment, I decided to try substituting bean calories for some of my high fat/ sat fat foods. I thought I was between a rock and a hard place, having to restrict fats because of LDLc problems, having to restrict carbs cuz of high glucose problems and having to restrict protein for the usual reasons. I had no idea beans would be so slow digesting that they could slip through the cracks and avoid carb metabolism problems. And, BTW, I had no idea they could be prepared to taste SO good!

Am I a happy camper? You betcha, I am!!

BTW, if you’re one of my readers, you know that I started taking thyroid meds (T4) on Jan 28. So, it could be argued that it was the T4 making the difference. But, if you look at the mini-graph above on the right, there’s a vertical line through the center. That just about marks when I started taking the T4. The changes were well in progress before that. I don’t think being satisfied on less calories is a side effect of thyroid meds.

Meanwhile, today’s weight measurement has compelled me to up my calorie intake by 25% (with beans). I did that for my first meal today and my 1-hour blood glucose reading was only 123. Yay! I’m good to go with this.

Maybe I should write a book entitled, Good Carbs, Bad Carbs!  (Just kidding; I’ll stick with my blog, thank you.)

About Dan Hunter

Retired software engineer wading through the obfuscation, confusion and contradiction that corporate and political funding of medical research along with ego over science has created.
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2 Responses to My Current Diet Experiment – Surprising Weight Loss Continues!

  1. Jason says:

    I am confused, you dropped your calories from 1530 – where your weight was staying stable to 1400 and you lost weight – and this surprised you???? You ate 8,5% less calories of course you will lose weight.

    • Dan Hunter says:

      Hi Jason

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. If you ascribe to the “calories in, calories out” model, then there should be no cause for surprise. My surprise was due to my expectation –because I was in the good calories, bad calories mindset– that the carbs would make hungrier and I would eat more, not less. You have to understand that this is the mantra of the low carb camp. Sorry for the confusion.

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