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A Moronic Post with 51,653 hits and counting!

What’s really the “Dumbest Myth in Nutrition”? It’s actually the monstrous lie that the author of the post by that name is promulgating! Continue reading

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One in five now take 5 medicines or more

Here’s a study that shows why it’s so hard to make sense out of medical research. By the time the story is put into sound bytes and headlines, the message can be altered completely. Continue reading

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The Obesity ‘Myth’, Addendum

I used to joke that English was a second language for me … my native language was really 8086 computer machine code. And I once had a significant other half-jokingly tell me, “Thank god you’ll never have to make a living based on your communication skills.”
Well, apparently, both of these jokes were not too far off the mark. I’ve had email and PM requests for clarification re yesterday’s post. Sorry if it was too confusing Continue reading

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The Obesity “Myth”

Obesity. The controversy about it rages on. And just like global warming and the Holocaust, it has it’s share of deniers. I find it flabbergasting that people can be convinced that all those extra pounds are benign, much less healthy, so I decided to look into it to see if maybe I was wrong and they were right. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I found. (Spoiler: it doesn’t support the obesity deniers.) Continue reading

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