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The Cholesterol Wars, 3.03: Surgical Intervention and LDL – part 1

— Slide 33 from Plant Positive‘s “How Much LDL?“ So, finally (!), I’m going to get into really examining the data presented in this Plant Positive video. The video is comprised of 42 slides plus a voice-over narrative. This post will … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Wars, 3.02: “I Am But An Egg”

—  Part 2 of a review of the Plant Positive video, How Much LDL? Honestly, trying to review this excellent second video in Plant Positive’s Primitive Response  series, has smeared egg on my title and caused me to re-evaluate what I know about the subject. Seriously, … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Wars, 3.00: Review of “The Futility of Cholesterol Denialism, Part 1” by Plant Positive

This is an introduction to my second discussion of a Plant Positive (PP) video. The subject material presented is huge. In order to discuss this without being superficial, I’ve broken my comments up into a number of posts, each mostly … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Wars, 1: Intro

Before I can continue telling the Bill Lands story (see Who Is Bill Lands and Why Would Anyone Care?, 1: Intro), I think I have to digress into cholesterol and politics. In case it’s escaped your notice, there’s a huge war raging … Continue reading

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