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ApoE4, Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Disease … and The Lipid Hypothesis?

So much to blog; so little time! I want to continue with discussing the Plant Positive slide 33 from my last post, but I have more pressing personal concerns that are taking my attention. I didn’t mention it when I … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Wars, 3.03: Surgical Intervention and LDL – part 1

— Slide 33 from Plant Positive‘s “How Much LDL?“ So, finally (!), I’m going to get into really examining the data presented in this Plant Positive video. The video is comprised of 42 slides plus a voice-over narrative. This post will … Continue reading

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The Cholesterol Wars, 3.02: “I Am But An Egg”

—  Part 2 of a review of the Plant Positive video, How Much LDL? Honestly, trying to review this excellent second video in Plant Positive’s Primitive Response  series, has smeared egg on my title and caused me to re-evaluate what I know about the subject. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Thyroid Labs Update – Well Thyroid / Sick Thyroid?

To rule out the possibility of human error, my thyroid function was retested a few days ago, with a test for antibodies added to rule out or confirm autoimmune thyroid disease. Here’s the result:

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The Cholesterol Wars, 2: Plant Positive – “Vegan Propaganda”

Just as nutritional controversy cannot be discussed without getting into the Cholesterol Wars, so can the Cholesterol Wars not be discussed without confronting The Lipid Hypothesis (LH). Plant Positive provides a great entry point for jumping into the fray. He’s a … Continue reading

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